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Invisalign® is a game-changer in the field of orthodontic treatment. Previously, many patients shied away from seeking solutions to crooked teeth or a poor bite, due to concerns about how they might look wearing a set of traditional braces.

Now, these issues can be treated without the use of braces. Invisalign® utilises a system of removable aligners made of a clear, plastic material. The aligners apply gentle pressure to the teeth, encouraging them to move into a more optimal position.

Invisalign® aligners are almost totally invisible, eliminating any worries patients may have about their social or professional image. Not only are they incredibly discreet, but they are also much kinder on the soft tissues in your mouth.

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First, you will undergo a thorough assessment of your teeth and jaw, including x-rays and advanced 3D scans. The data from these scans is used to formulate your comprehensive treatment plan and produce your set of Invisalign® aligners.

Once your aligners are ready, you will wear the first one for 20-22 hours a day, removing it only to eat, brush and floss. After 2 weeks, you will change to the next aligner and repeat the process. Your dentist will see you every 1-2 months throughout your treatment to monitor your progress.

After your treatment is over, you will wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from relapsing to their original position. Retainers can be removable or fixed and as discreet as the Invisalign® system.

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