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Learn about the treatments’ costs.


At The Rightwell East Dental Practice we aim to provide a wide range of high quality dental services in a friendly and relaxed environment. We are a family dental practice that has been offering general dental services to the local population for over 25 years.

We understand visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience for patients, and all our dentists take the time to discuss any concerns and explain possible treatment options in simple terms, reassuring and placing patient satisfaction as a priority. We actively listen to our patients and tailor treatments to their individual needs.


Affordable Independent Family Dental Care

Consultation New Patients (includes diagnostic x-rays)
Emergency Consultation - registered
Emergency Consultation - non-registered
Routine Examination (every 6 months)
Exam Extensive (more than 8 months lapsed since last exam)
Scale and Polish (standard by Dentist)
Scale and Polish (Intensive by Dentist/Hygienist)
From £50.00
Re-cement Crown
Small Film
Price depends on number of tooth surfaces involved in restoration
Amalgam (metal)
£80.00 to £100.00
White Tooth Coloured Composite front teeth
£80.00 to £100.00
White Tooth Coloured Composite back teeth
£100.00 to £170.00
Glass ionomer repair to tooth
£45.00 to £70.00
Metal Crown
Tooth Coloured Bonded Crown
Cast Post for Crown
Pinned core for Crown
Bridge per unit
ROOT TREATMENTS: (including x-rays)
Full Upper and Lower
Full Upper/or Lower
Partial Plate
1-3 teeth £300.00
4-6 teeth £350.00
7+ teeth £400.00
Addition of tooth to plate
£50.00 (£15 per extra tooth)
Denture Repair
Cobalt Chrome
From £750.00
Sunflex Dentures
From £460.00
Planned Extractions (per tooth)
Emergency Extraction
Surgical Extraction/Impacted Wisdom Tooth
£90.00 to £160.00
Infected (dry) Socket
Sports Mouth Guard (custom made)
Teeth Whitening (full mouth) (per course of treatment)
Teeth Whitening per syringe
Tepee Brushes
Corsodyl Mouthwash
Durphat Toothpaste (prescription by dentist)
Prices are subject to change - Last change 01/11/2021

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Our friendly staff constantly keep up to date with the latest techniques in dentistry and regularly attend postgraduate courses to maintain excellent standards and keep abreast of the changes in modern dentistry.

The practice is accessible to wheelchairs with a downstairs surgery on site.

We have been patients for several years and have never had any bad treatment. Always accommodating and very pleasant in their attitude towards me and my husband. Excellent treatment and service all round. Thank you, Rightwell East Dental Practice we have total faith, in you.

Mrs P J George,
call 01733 333990
addressRightwell East Dental, Bretton Health Centre, Rightwell E, Peterborough PE3 8DT