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Dental Hygiene


The best way to keep your mouth healthy is to practise good oral hygiene habits and book regular professional dental cleanings.

During your hygiene appointments, stubborn plaque and tartar are removed using special dental tools. Your hygienist will clean every surface of your tooth, as well as the tight spaces between your teeth and beneath your gum line. Then they will use an abrasive toothpaste to polish your teeth, removing surface stains.

Once your treatment is complete, your hygienist will discuss any areas of concern and demonstrate how to use a toothbrush, floss, or interdental aids, especially if you require instructions on how to clean any dental restorations.

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For deeper cleaning, ask your hygienist about airflow tooth polishing. This non-invasive, 30-minute procedure can be performed in conjunction with your hygiene visit and removes stubborn stains for an even brighter smile.

At Rightwell East Dental Practice, our focus is preventative dentistry. We are committed to ensuring our patients maintain the highest possible standard of oral health.

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